“Hi, Ms. Davis!”


…these words were uttered a few days ago at the mall! It reminded me of how close school actually is. I am read, but kind of not ready, to go back! I miss the kids and the hustle and bustle of doing things everyday! However, after juggling three grad classes, babysitting 30+ hours a week, and staying consistent in the gym, I feel as though my summer has flown by way too fast! Can we add just another or three to the remaining time!?


My Personal Trainer!


So, after months of going to a particular gym, I finally hired a personal trainer. I felt as though I’d do the same things over and over again every time I went. I am motivated enough to go at least 4-5 times a week, but I needed to be exposed to different exercises that would help me reach my goal of trimming and toning. I just knew my trainer would be “impressed” with what I already knew how to do. “He’s gonna think I’m the BEST client“, I told myself.

 I nearly fainted within the first five minutes of the circuit training. I had to sit down and catch my breath. I looked at my trainer and the look on his face made me embarrassed. I felt as though I was frustrating him and wasting his time. I told him this and he replied, “I’ve been doing this for years. My clients don’t frustrate me!” Did that make me feel better? Why, yes…yes it did. I kept on going and I look forward to the day when I can do things with a bit more ease. 

This reminded me of students and teachers. How many times do our students feel inadequate to do something that they thought they would excel at? The look on my trainer’s face made me want to give up…heck I was even on the verge of tears because I thought he was mad that I wasn’t nailing these workouts. (I guess he just has a serious face, because he is actually very nice!) However, this taught me to notify my face when talking to a child…especially if they are having difficulty with something you are trying to get them to understand. All they need is motivation from you! They are bound to shut down if they feel as though their teachers are frustrated with them. Does your face line up with your words? Are you approachable? Do your students feel comfortable enough telling you that they are having trouble with something? Until next time…


Sherry Scardina


I met Mrs. Scardina on my very first day of teaching. At the time, I did not know she was my supervisor, so my guard was not up around her. Throughout my first year teaching, Mrs. Scardina texted me, called me, emailed me, and visited me in my classroom. I would like to think that I had a relationship with her that not many other teachers had. On January 21st, 2014, Mrs. Scardina came to my classroom while giving a tour to prospective parents. This was particularly surprising because she hardly ever gave tours; that job was mostly done by my gifted site coordinator. When she walked the parents out, she turned around and gave me a sweet smile that was different from the others. Little did I know, that was the last time I would see Mrs. Scardina; I would be attending her funeral less than a week later. The next day, January 22nd, I received the horrible news that Mrs. Scardina had passed away suddenly, unexpectedly, at her desk from a heart attack. I did not know what to think. The lady that had been a staple in my career, that I had just seen the day before was gone.

Many emotions filled my days that followed after her death. However, I knew I could not give up. I realized that in order to honor Mrs. Scardina, I needed to be to my students what she had been to me. In that short year of knowing her, she impacted my life so much. Knowing her has made me change my whole outlook on teaching and mentoring. I want to make that much of a change in my students’ lives. Having them see me like I saw Mrs. Scardina would be an honor for me. My love for my students is undeniable. They are my world. I take teaching very seriously; I have been trusted with ten little lives for nine months. I understand the influence that my words and actions have on them. I encourage them daily to never settle in life and to always strive for excellence in even the small things that they do. Being a teacher has always been much more to me that lecturing, grading papers, and getting the summers off. Teaching is my calling. I would not think twice if I was faced with the decision to risk my life for theirs. Telling them that they are important, they matter, and that they are intelligent are words that I make sure go deep down into their hearts. My goal is to mold them into people who genuinely believe in themselves and who will not let society tell them who they ought to be. I want them to learn to listen to the voice they have inside themselves. It is also my goal to set a firm foundation for the person they will grow to be. I have had many parents tell me how much their child loves to come to school because I am their teacher. One parent said, “Ms. Davis, thank you for loving my child.”



Hi! I’m a gifted education teacher in Baton Rouge, La. I graduated from Louisiana State University A&M in December 2012. I have been teaching gifted education ever since! I am currently teaching gifted second grade. I never thought I’d love a grade as much as I loved PreKindergarten, but second grade has proven to be just as awesome! Through this blog, I will address different things that I have experiences while teaching! I hope you enjoy my ramblings!